The M&P 22 Compact by Smith & Wesson is the perfect tool for teaching new shooters. The price is right, ammunition is cheap and the low recoil of a .22 caliber firearm makes it the perfect teaching tool. The M&P has the quality and feel of a full size gun making the transition to defensive calibers simple and intuitive.

I was in the market for a .22 pistol. My local gun shop, Grays Harbor Guns brought the M&P 22 compact by Smith & Wesson to my attention. This gun fit the bill for what I was looking for and Grays Harbor Guns priced this made in the USA pistol, with the Smith & Wesson lifetime service policy, for an amount I couldn’t refuse. The suggested retail price of this pistol is $389.00.

My first observation of this pistol was the similarity to it’s big brothers. The fit, feel, and function to this pistol are very comparative to the larger caliber models. It is a reduced scale version of the full-size M&P pistol. My personal purpose for this gun will be teaching basic pistol courses of fire.