Have you ever spent four days walking with two guys who love MP5s? Well, I did recently and let me tell you all you here is how every gun should use MP5 mags. Now I realize how I must be when I’m always talking about the 10mm Automatic. I’m joking of course, but our editor Mark Miller made some solid points about the MP5 magazine and it’s reliability and effectiveness. We talked a lot about pistol caliber carbines because they are so damn popular right now. A common topic was we needed an MP5 AR 15.

MP5 AR 1

And then as if Heaven opened up we stumbled across an AR 15 that took MP5 magazines. Our Mp5 AR 15 was a thing! A little company called Quarter Circle 10 had quite a few pistol caliber carbines out for display, including our MP5 AR 15 model.

MP5 AR 15

Equipped with a PDW style stock this SBR is quite handy and very lightweight. Even with a can attached the weapon is remarkably small. The magazine well makes it look incredibly unique but other than that it’s all AR 15. They also make models that take Glock and Colt magazines.

The Folks at Quarter Circle 10 were nice enough to invite us to the range later in the week to try a few out. I didn’t see the MP5 variant at the table but got hands on with two of their 9mm Glock carbines. They were reliable, easy shooting, and accurate Not much more you could ask for. I didn’t run one enough for a full review, but they seemed like quality guns.