At this year’s MSPO, Polish manufacture HS Product presented the new Croatian Assault Rifle. Apart from pistols (in the US sold as Springfield XD) little was known about rifle manufacturing at HS Product. We were shown two models, both full length army assault rifles, the earlier VHS-1 and the current VHS-2.

VHS – 1 D (rifle)

Basic overview (note we did not have a chance to shoot these guns but here are my thoughts on their design):

VHS – 1:

  • Bullpup design
  • Polymer body
  • cal. 5.56×45
  • Charging handle similar to that of a H&K G36, swing to right/left and pull back to charge the weapon. Unfortunately the free space between the gun and the upper carry handle/optic assembly is insufficient for the comfortable operation of the charging handle.
  • Tappet type closed gas system operated (much like the FN SCAR)
  • Selector/safety switch located in front of the trigger, bolt-catch release lever located in the upper part of the pistol grip to be operated with the thumb.
  • Red-dot optic – VERY small objective, awkward for fast target acquisition.
  • Balance is rather poor for a bullpup with the gun being front heavy. A 40mm GL only adds to the problem.
VHS – 1 K (carbine) with a 40mm GL

VHS – 2: