The Interactive Multi Target Training System lets you simulate different training drills with the most advanced electronic target in the market. Train with your own firearm or with any recoil enable gun (like Airsoft) with available red or IR lasers.

Choose the package that best fits your training needs with 1, 3 or 5 targets. IPSIC / IPDA / Steel plate / home defense / Tactical shooting.  All sets come with four different target cards design and 5 different modes!

All targets can communicate with each other for multipurpose training, with no need of computer! Simply position them around a room, turn them on, choose the mode and start shooting!

Patrick at 1 SHOT KILL IT MEDIA LLC has posted his latest IMTTS REAL video, showing how the system works and demonstrating the training modes available.

Perfect your shooting with the i-M.T.T.S. in 5 modes:

Mode 1: Stand Alone Mode

Shoot, hear and visually see shots on each target

Mode 2: Steel Plate Shooting

Shoot all targets as fast as you can!

Mode 3: Chase the Ball

Perfect your tactical training, work on transitional drills around the room. Identify your threat target and shoot the bright green LED that moves between the targets.

Mode 4: Shoot/Don’t Shoot

Shoot ONLY the moving green target that lights for 2 sec, or get “punished” when hitting the red one!

Mode 5: Double Speed Shoot/Don’t Shoot

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Shoot/Don’t Shoot on steroids! The 5th program runs at double speed for more proficient and faster shooters.

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Photo courtesy of Laser Ammo