In a baffling turn of events, a military pilot found himself parachuting into a South Carolina backyard after his advanced fighter jet, an F-35 Lightning II, experienced a malfunction and went temporarily missing.

The bewildering incident unfolded over the weekend, leaving a trail of unanswered questions and an incredible tale of survival.

A Startling 911 Call: A Pilot Parachutes into a Backyard

The saga began when a North Charleston resident made a frantic 911 call, reporting an unexpected visitor in his backyard.

According to an audio recording released to AP News, the caller calmly informed the dispatcher that a pilot had just parachuted into his property and requested an ambulance. Little did he know that he was about to become part of a surreal chain of events.

“Ma’am, a military jet crashed. I’m the pilot. We need to get rescue rolling,” the pilot said in one of the audio recordings. “I’m not sure where the airplane is. It would have crash landed somewhere. I ejected.”

The pilot, aged 47 and described by the Marines as an experienced aviator with decades of flight experience, had successfully ejected from his F-35. Despite falling an estimated 2,000 feet, he reported feeling “OK” but complained of back pain. The resident, witnessing the pilot’s landing, assured the dispatcher that the pilot appeared to be in good physical condition.

The confusion deepened as the pilot repeatedly requested an ambulance, emphasizing that he was a military jet pilot who had ejected and required medical assistance. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the F-35 remained a mystery.

The F-35’s Mysterious Flight Path and the Search for Answers

The F-35 had crashed in a rural area near Indiantown, South Carolina, after the pilot’s ejection, covering a distance of 60 miles from the point of ejection. Astonishingly, it continued to fly pilotless for a significant distance before its eventual crash.