Despite organizing military drills as the US and South Korea’s “regular events” in the military, North Korea views the military exercises negatively. North Korea has warned the US and South Korea that they will confront “unprecedented” security problems if they do not halt their defensive military pressure operation against the North, which covers joint military drills. 

Even though the US and South Korea have repeatedly stated that they have no plans to invade North Korea, officials interpret any routine military exercises conducted by the two countries as an “invasion rehearsal” for an incursion. The most recent caution was sent as the US and Seoul prepared to increase the scope of their planned summertime training in response to the North’s series of provocative missile tests this year.

“Should the US and its allies opt for military confrontation with us, they would be faced with unprecedented instability security-wise,” Choe Jin, deputy director general of the Institute of Disarmament and Peace, a Foreign Ministry-run think tank, told a news agency in Pyongyang on Thursday.

According to Choe, joint military drills staged by Washington and Seoul this year push the Korean Peninsula perilously close to the precipice of conflict. He claimed that US and South Korea officials were conspiring to convene during the upcoming joint exercise to discuss “nuclear strategic assets” positioning from the US. This exercise will commence the following month but has no precise details yet.