Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James released a statement saying that the Air Force has selected NAS Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas as the preferred location for the first reserve F-35 unit. The statement suggested that the base could receive aircraft as soon as the mid 2020’s.

We selected the Air Force Reserve unit in Fort Worth because it is the location that meets all of the necessary training requirements at the lowest cost,” said Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James in a Jan. 12 release.

“Additionally, the location will provide mission synergy and access to an experienced workforce for recruiting as a result of its proximity to the F-35 manufacturing plant,” which also is based in Fort Worth. – Air Force Magazine

Watch an F-35 Depart NAS Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth

Yes, this is one loud aircraft in full burner! The sound of freedom!

Possible alternative bases designated in the report were Davis-Monthan AFB, in Tucson, Arizona, Homestead Air Reserve Base, in Homestead, Florida and Whiteman Air Force Base, in Missouri.


CF-02 Flight 109. First Night Takeoff for F-35C on Runway 32 at PAX. Lt Col Matt Taylor was the pilot on 13 June 2012. Photo by Lockheed Martin

Featured Image of Lockheed Martin test pilot Al Norman taking off from NAS Fort Worth JRB in a production F-35B by Photo by Liz Kaszynski, Lockheed Martin


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