NASA is wind tunnel testing what it hopes to be a new supersonic passenger jet design that will be much quieter than the Concorde. Teaming up with Lockheed Martin, NASA plans to develop what they call ‘Quiet Supersonic Technology’ or QueSST, in their new X-plane design concept.

Watch: NASA Wind Tunnel Testing on their new Quiet Supersonic Technology

The agency is testing a nine percent scale model of Lockheed Martin’s X-plane design in Glenn’s 8’ x 6’ Supersonic Wind Tunnel. During the next eight weeks, engineers will expose the model to wind speeds ranging from Mach 0.3 to Mach 1.6 (approximately 150 to 950 mph) to understand the aerodynamics of the X-plane design as well as aspects of the propulsion system. NASA expects the QueSST X-plane to pave the way for supersonic flight over land in the not too distant future.