The National Fireams Act is a dreadful piece of legislation that was enacted on June 26th 1934 and it is the sole reason it’s a giant hassle to get fun toys like silencers, short barrel rifles and select fire weaponry. The landscape of the NFA world has eased a bit in recent years, especially with the recent ruling by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives. The ruling I am referencing is March 2017 letter from Marvin G. Richardson, Assistant Director of Enforcement Programs and Services to the legal representatives of SB Tactical essentially telling them that the SB Tactical arm brace can be shouldered.

Now all that sounds amazing and 100% legal, now we get into the area were people seem to get confused by the NFA regulations. People are now allowed to use their AR-15 pistols just like they would as a rifle, but often times people just switch gears mentally and forget that their pistol is still a pistol. Which means that under NFA rules installing a vertical fore grip on your pistol can result in a felony charge from the BATFE which carries a maximum sentence of up to 10 years in a “Pound You in the Ass” Federal Prison. Not exactly a place that most people gun owners I know would want to end up for up to a decade.

Clink Link to Copy of BATFE Ruling Letter. 


I had a lawyer that specialized in NFA Trusts once described things like a simple NFA violation which involve the installation of a vertical pistol grip as an “Unintentional Felony”. The problem is that intentional or not, a felony charge caries with it severe repercussions that even if you beat the case will make you life as a gun owner or a private citizen complicated and not a lot of fun. When authorities investigate you for gun crimes, make no doubt about it, they know the laws better than you and they have overzealous lawyers who don’t really want to give you a “fix it ticket” and let you correct your seemingly honest mistake.