Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of NATO, has stated that the increased presence of China and its cooperation with Russia can be seen as a danger in Asia and Europe.

On Wednesday, Stoltenberg stressed that the increasing assertiveness of China and its partnership with Russia poses a risk to Asia and Europe. He called for enhanced collaboration and more “friends” for NATO in the Indo-Pacific area.

Stoltenberg stated that China is investing in atomic arms and long-range missiles without offering transparency or participating in substantial discussions on controlling nuclear arms while intensifying pressure on its neighboring states and making menacing declarations against Taiwan, which it insists is its own domain.

“The fact that Russia and China are coming closer and the significant investments by China and new advanced military capabilities just underlines that China poses a threat, poses a challenge also to NATO allies,” Stoltenberg told an audience at Keio University in Tokyo. “Security is not regional but global.”