The US Navy is in a quandary over what to do with the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. The USS Enterprise CVN 65 is not going to gently fade away into history it appears as the Navy can’t determine the best course of action to dismantle the huge ship.

The Navy announced they are canceling a request for proposal for commercial recycling of the non nuclear parts of the ship.

The Navy has identified that it requires more information to determine the approach for the disposal of CVN 65, including the reactor plans, that is more technically executable, environmentally responsible and is an effective utilization of Navy resources,” a spokesman for NAVSEA, William Couch, said in an announcement today.

“The Navy is taking these steps to ensure CVN 65 is recycled in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner,” Couch said in a statement. “Given the complexities of the issues involved in recycling CVN 65, the Navy remains committed to a fully open and public process for conducting the first-ever disposal of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.” – DoDBuzz