U.S. Navy anti-submarine warfare (ASW) experts are replenishing their supplies of air-launched sub-huntingsonobuoys that offer a variety of capabilities ranging from taking the temperature of ocean layers at different depths, to detonating submerged explosive charges.

Officials of the Naval Air Systems Command at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Md., announced a $203.7 million contract Monday to ERAPSCO Inc. in Columbia City, Ind., for as many as 141,500 AN/SSQ series sonobuoys for anti-submarine warfare (ASW).

Sonobuoys enable Navy ASW forces to detect, track, and pinpoint potentially hostile submarines operating in the open ocean and in coastal areas that could be threats to Navy carrier battle groups or other forces. Information from these systems can help enable precision attacks with air-launched torpedoes.

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Image courtesy of Military & Aerospace