The Navy handed down punishments to two officers and two enlisted sailors in charge of the riverine boat crew detained in Iranian waters earlier this year, causing an international incident and bringing embarrassment on the Navy for the litany of errors that led to their detainment and their violations of regulations while in custody.

All four received letters of reprimand at admiral’s mast Thursday, the enlisted for dereliction of duty, and the officers for dereliction of duty and disobedience of superior commissioned officers, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command announced.

“In order to be a Navy that successfully maintains the trust and confidence of the American people, the chain of command and our Sailors, we have an obligation to self-examine and hold ourselves accountable when necessary,” Rear Adm. Frank Morneau, NECC’s commander, said in a statement.

The sailors are the first four to receive punishment for their involvement in the January incident, including three of the boat crew members, the commanding and executive officers of the riverine squadron, the commodore and chief of staff of the group in charge of the riverines and two members of the shore support staff. Ten crew members were taken detained.

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Image courtesy of AP