SOFREP crew, I’m back as your EIC after taking a much needed year off in 2022 to recharge my comms batteries.

A strange series of events led me back here (I’ll speak on this the next SOFREP+ front line video meeting) but it feels like I’m back, sitting in my favorite team room sofa, and it’s a great to re-engage with the readership, some old, some new.

SOFREP reporting from the source, boots on the ground in Ukraine. October 2022 in Kyiv. Image from Instagram.

One of the decisions I’ve made in 2023 is to go 100% SOFREP as a byline. All our articles will feature SOFREP as the author with the exception of the occasional guest post.

“What the Hell is Brandon doing?”, some of you may be saying.

Hold your foot off the gas peddle a moment.

Some author’s like having their name in the byline, some could care less. However, we are switching for a good reason.

The site isn’t about building personal celebrity, it’s about maintaining our own editorial dignity as SOFREP, and the story should speak louder than any one personality attached to it.

It also maintains an old publishing tradition of foregoing individual credit to enable us to speak with one voice at SOFREP.