I feared I had lost my son to his friends and to teenage life so I lured him into the High Sierra to celebrate his 18th birthday, and then threw him off a cliff.

Extreme, I know; but for those of you who work long hours, travel often, or ever worry about spending enough time with your kids, you can understand why I had to do it.

I had been gone so frequently, and had been so busy when I was home, that I went almost two months with hardly saying a word to him.

After spending over 16 years in the military including a decade in the SEAL teams my family became more than accustomed to me away on deployments and secret missions that would obscure my whereabouts for months.  We were pretty good at it, thinking that when I left the Teams in 2008 things in our family could only get better, now that I wouldn’t be gone for months on end.