Question- how do you workout with the schedule you have being on the road and what do you do when you workout?

I get this question a lot, always have and bounce between posting some weekly workouts or not, but I generally default to not since there are ample sources that are more directly oriented toward workouts and honestly would be better for most people considering my background has a decent base and that my job itself is physical and a bit strange. Just a couple of those sources include Gym Jones Salvation and Combat Strength Training. There are more as well.

For the most part I stick to body-weight exercises for strength and running for cardio. This of course is mostly due to the fact that on ranges throughout the country, and particularly military ranges we are nowhere close to a gym. Depending on the course there may be time to go to a gym before or after shooting but this is not always the case (it’s nice to have another plan). Additionally some of the logistics of going to a local gym for a few days at a time is just not feasible whereas a workout on or near the range with basic equipment that can be found on military bases, playgrounds, or through a very inventive mind results in better time management, a better solution for what we need for what we do and the simple fact that we get it done at all within a 12-15 hour workday.

This of course doesn’t mean that I will never go to a gym and use weights but this answer is to highlight the question of time, travel and locales.

4 mile run through foothills at a casual pace
5 sets of max pull-ups with 90 sec rest between sets
100 reps of abs
Total time~45 mins (done at lunch)

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