In a significant leap forward for the US Navy’s air-to-surface capabilities, Raytheon’s StormBreaker smart weapon has been successfully field tested on the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.

This achievement signifies a remarkable milestone in modern warfare technology and introduces a game-changing precision-guided munition into the US military’s arsenal.

StormBreaker, previously known as the Small Diameter Bomb II, boasts a range of cutting-edge features that empower it to autonomously detect and engage moving targets, even in extreme weather conditions.

A Revolutionary Milestone for the US Navy

The US Navy’s approval of the StormBreaker for operational use on the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet marks a pivotal moment in the weapon’s deployment history.

The Super Hornet became the first US Navy aircraft to be equipped with this advanced air-to-surface munition, placing great emphasis on the Navy’s commitment to enhancing its combat capabilities through harnessing the power of innovative technology.

StormBreaker’s inception and journey to operational readiness have been nothing short of impressive. It was built upon the foundations of the Small Diameter Bomb II program, which culminated in the approval for F-15E Strike Eagle operational flights. The integration process was streamlined, saving valuable time and resources. As a result, the US Air Force declared Initial Operating Capability for the StormBreaker on the F-15E Strike Eagle in 2022. This successful deployment of the StormBreaker on a variety of aircraft emphasizes the adaptability and effectiveness of this precision-guided munition.

FA-18E Super Hornet
FA-18E Super Hornet (Image source: DVIDS)

Multimode Seeker: Guiding the Future of Precision Warfare

At the heart of StormBreaker’s capabilities is its state-of-the-art multimode seeker that integrates a range of technologies, including an imaging infrared camera, millimeter-wave radar, semi-active laser, GPS, and inertial navigation system guidance.

Furthermore, this multimode guidance system enables StormBreaker to engage targets with unparalleled precision and adapt to various operational scenarios, including those with challenging weather conditions.