Thousands of Russians have been detained by the police as anti-war sentiments grow in the country amid heavy fighting in Ukraine. According to OVD-Info, an independent group that monitors the Russian protests, thousands of Russians answered the call to demonstrate against their own military and government last Sunday to oppose the Russian offensive in Ukraine, which the international community had largely criticized as there were reports that Russian troops had been targeting evacuees and civilians. The report states that over 5,000 individuals have been arrested across 69 Russian cities, with many of them facing fines and significant time in prison.

Chants of “No to war!” and “Shame on you!” echoed throughout the streets of Russian cities as protesters flocked the streets of Russia, according to several videos seen on social media.

These videos show dozens of Russian protesters in the Ural city of Yekaterinburg being apprehended by the Russian authorities. Riot police appeared to be beating up said protesters in an attempt to silence them. A mural of Vladimir Putin in the city was vandalized during these protests. Video footage and photographs could not be independently verified by Reuters, who were the first ones to cover the protests. Despite this, videos continue to circulate regarding the protests and alleged abuses by Russian authorities.