Truck Camping 101 | Part 5 | Keeping clean – Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

After a meeting with the great folks at Nemo Equipment, I was shown a piece of camping equipment at Outdoor Retailer that I had to own. If you’ve been following my recent series on Truck Camping, you’ll understand how the Helio Pressure Shower from Nemo Equipment fits into the equation. This series covers items that I believe are essential for ensuring a great time in the outdoors. In this article, I’ll be covering an item that has many uses beyond the camping scene. But really came in handy to our family on our last adventure.

As soon as you leave the comfort and convenience of civilized life behind, you’ll realize that several tasks we take for granted are more difficult in the woods. Personal hygiene is one such task. Take away running water, sinks, toilets and showers and you’ll see what I mean. While spending time in the Porcupine Mountains over Labor Day weekend, the Helio Pressure Shower eased the task of keeping both equipment and personnel clean.