I retired 180-A, Special Operations Technician and spent the majority of my Special Forces time working in Central and South America. I earned a CIB in Operation Desert Storm prior to my retirement in 1992 and was a member of the coveted P.I.G Team, also known as a “Green Light” Team in 7th SFG. I am a qualified as HALO, SCUBA, Sniper, Operation and Intelligence, Special Operations Training Course, Spanish language, and more.

For years, I spent the majority of my time deployed. For those years I was training and going on operations with the local indigenous forces of many different countries. I began to believe that we were training the bad guys, the very same guys that one day would use our training, tactics and weapons to kill Americans, leading the U.S. down a dark path.


In the 1980s, I deployed on a CIA-contracted mission to Central America, when I witnessed the following. I was at a soccer game in the main city stadium, full of spectators. As the game was in progress, the military surrounded the stadium and closed off all exits. The only way out was for the locals to show their identification proving that they had served in the military for their mandatory conscription.

What I saw was that the military would pick up these young kids, some appearing to be as young as 14 or 15, load them into their trucks and take them off to military bases. They might stay for the next year or two. No notification to the families, nothing. I had other sightings of young men and teens running and hiding every time a military convoy passed them, for fear of being taken from their homes.

My thoughts then and now are when these young men left the military for more money and opportunity, they took their military training skills with them. In turn, they would hire on with the bad guys, the guys with the money. The bad guys are typically involved with illegal drug trade and insurgent groups, up to and including terrorists.


Let me tell you the level of training the bad guys, the potential enemy we fight, are receiving.