Maybe you are reading this and you are a brand new owner of an AR-15 rifle. The millions of options out there available to you will cause your head to spin. Did you ever wish there was a quick easy to follow book or video on setting up your new AR-15 Carbine? Well in a way there is, Travis Haley of Haley Strategic has been doing a easy to follow video series on just that. It really is a New AR-15 Owners Set Up Guide, in video format. The best thing about this is that it is 100% free on Youtube.

There are many people in the gun industry that will dazzle you with different terms and their personal ideologies. Travis Haley is not that guy, any video or articles I have been exposed too from Haley Strategic are straightforward and too the point. No bullshit, just straight to the point with what a shooter needs to adapt and learn to be a better shooter. That’s not to say any other instructors or courses are inferior, its just that we all love free stuff, and free information that will help you set up your rifle correctly is important

So far there are six videos from Haley Strategic that are out and I recommend that if you are setting up your rifle for the first time to take the 3-5 minutes for each video and watch them. Even if you are an experienced shooter, you are never too old to learn a new tip or trick. The breakdown of the videos are as follows.


This is basically a selection and set up of how to properly set and measure an adjustable stock

#2. Pistol Grips

This essentially talks about the angle of pistol grips. yes Haley mentions gear he has helped design but he’s a salesman but also know what works. Its not all marketing hype.


Nick from Haley Strategic goes over the theory and application of foregrips and their evolution and ultimately how to select what works best for you as the shooter.

So far there have been four videos posted from Haley Strategic on proper Carbine set up, we have listed three here and will do the other three of the six part series when they are all out. We here at The Arms Guide are not too proud to acknowledge and pass to our readers great training and gear selection or  tips even if they don’t originate with us. In my opinion in the world of firearms, shooting and survival, any good information is always welcome.

I have learned a good deal from these videos and would highly recommend them to anyone who is getting ready to buy their first AR-15, and with the upcoming election, I will assume that there are a lot of people in that category. Hope you enjoyed this small series of videos from Travis Haley of Haley Strategic, a guy who has had a career that has crossed into many different areas to put it mildly.