Bravo Company USA recently released a new version of their popular BCM Gunfighter Stock dubbed the Mod – 0 – SOPMOD. Compared to the older BCM gunfighter stock it retains many similar qualities. It features a snag free design, solid lock up and QD mounts. Many of these design features have made the BCM immensely popular within the firearm community.

New BCM Gunfighter Stock Released | Mod-0-SOPMOD
The BCM Gunfighter Stock Mod-0-SOPMOD (Image from

The Mod-0-SOPMOD adds a more pronounced cheek-weld similar to the famed SOPMOD stocks. Many people prefer the pronounced cheek weld, due to how comfortable it feels. In addition many find that the pronounced cheek weld aids in attaining the same head positioning while shooting. BCM has stated that the Mod-0-SOPMOD is very modular and will be able to accept future design options.

BCM has been designing this stock for quite some time now. It has been seen in the hands of many renowned firearm instructors as it, presumably, went through an extensive testing and evaluation phase. In any case the release of the new Bravo Company stock is welcome design as many liked the BCM gunfighter but did not prefer the thin cheek weld that it offered. And while it did take some time for the product to come to market, it fills a niche in the BCM lineup.

New BCM Gunfighter Stock Released | Mod-0-SOPMOD
Pictured is my DD MK18 with the older generation BCM Gunfighter stock.

I hope to get my hands on one of these stocks in the near future so that I can compare it to other similar stocks from other companies. Magpul makes many stocks with a similar cheek weld as does B5 and of-course the grandfather of them all, the LMT SOPMOD stock. The question I have is, among these stocks which one has superior lockup and durability? Ultimately I think which stock is best depends on the shooter on their own body mechanics. Stay updated in the coming weeks as we’ll be doing a first impressions review on this stock to see how it stacks up.

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