There are millions of Kalashnikov pattern rifles floating around planet earth, and the vast majority of them feature wood laminate furniture. In the past few years with the rise of the affordable AK’s in the United States we have seen many manufacturers try to come up with a way to add rails systems like a quad rail or M-Lok pattern rail to the old warhorse, much to the dismay of most AK traditionalists. Trusted companies like Midwest Industries, SLR Rifleworks and Troy Industries have been proactive about adapting their designs to fit the more than half a dozen different patterns of AK-47/74 rifles on the market. Some people have gone as far as to find no banned Russian rail systems like Zenitco or TDI to add to their rifles, a rare and pricey option. I consider myself fairly knowledgable about firearms and accessories, so it came as a great shock to me when I found what might be the unicorn of AK47/74 rails, a gem from Switzerland made by Brugger & Thomet, better known as B&T USA.

Brugger & Thomet is best known for their extensive line of accessories primarily supporting expensive European rifles, but recently has gained a great deal of notoriety for their submachine guns like the MP9, APC9 & their personal defense weapon the model USW. Having visited with the company at SHOT Show 2017, and already owning their side folding MP5 stock, I know the company made top quality products, but at a costs slightly above its competitors. When I saw the rail set up I uttered my old mantra of “Buy Once, Cry Once” and took a leap of faith and ordered it up.



Manufacturer: Brugger & Thomet

Country of Manufacture: Switzerland

Model Tested: BT-21428 (Quad Rail Set)

Other Models Available: