A piece of new Israeli military technology called the Xaver 1000 now allows operators to “see through walls.” Seeing through walls nowadays involves complex artificial intelligence and imaging software. No doubt this system is something we’ve all seen in sci-fi films now turned into a reality.

The device in question, the Xaver 1000, is designed and produced by a top Israeli imaging company, Camero-Tech. It was unveiled during the Eurosatory 2022 show in Paris, France.

Camero-Tech isn’t a new name for those in the imaging solutions field, as they have been a leader in the industry for many years. Their “Through-Wall Imaging” has been at the core of their research and development, with their primary product being those from the Xaver line.

The newest product from the Xaver line, the XAVER-1000, is marketed as an essential system for the military to have. It can show operators what’s behind walls through artificial intelligence and tracking software that can track the movement of people or things beyond the wall through real-time tracking. Furthermore, it can also be used by law enforcement personnel, intelligence units, and search-and-rescue teams as they may find the real-time imaging of the system most beneficial to their operations.