New Jersey seems to be in competition with New York City in who can have the most ridiculous gun laws. They’ve taken it a step further with a new gun buyback program introduced by NJ State Senator Linda Greenstein. Her goal is to have 9 different buy back events throughout the year in NJ spread through the state. Her plan includes the spending of $2million tax dollars a year to fund the program.

This is just another poor and mislead attempt at reducing crime and gun violence. No study can prove that buyback programs help reduce crime. Furthermore, no statistic can prove that any gun purchased in a buyback program was used in a crime. Most guns bought back are guns found in attics, antiques, and often inoperable. Those are not the types of guns that are of any concern or even comparable to guns used in crimes.

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All this does is solidify the idea and notion that the gun grabbers are doing just that, trying to take our guns. Continuously looking at the wrong angles and searching for solutions that aren’t there. Those wishing to hold these buyback programs will keep telling us that they work, insisting that they are getting guns off the street that could potentially be used in a crime. In reality all they are doing is taking guns that would otherwise be collecting dust in someone’s attic.

One website, actually claims that they know that people who participate in buyback programs are not purchasing more guns with the money they received from turning in their old ones. The fact of the matter is there is no proof. There have been stories early on in the buyback programs where cities were offering up to $500 for their old guns. No one had any specifics because you know, every gun is the same, and so one man brought in his own homemade shotguns and received several thousand dollars in which he was able to purchase new firearms.

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This is just another poor way to waste taxpayers money and mislead the public into believing that guns, and gun people are bad.


This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.