The Hudson H9 was officially rolled out today at SHOT Show 2017 during Industry Day at the Range. Readers all over the internet have been viewing this new pistol and wondering what exactly it is. Whatever it turns out to be one thing is certain, the Hudson H9 is a polarizing pistol to say the least. What we know about the Hudson H9 comes mostly from press releases, that was until today.

Here is a small sample of what we know about the Hudson H9

  • Uses a 1911 style trigger
  • Takes a high capacity 15+1 double stack magazine
  • Comes standard with VZ grips
  • Trijicon front sight
  • Lower backstrap designed and made by Hogue Inc. out go G10 material
  • Coated in black nitride finish
  • Manufactured in Texas
Image Courtesy: HudsonMfg

The pistol certainly captures a gun enthusiasts imagination in a hurry, but until today it everything about it was a myth or just a rumor. We here at The Arms Guide were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to the folks at Hudson Mfg and bring you these images from their press hand out. A small image in the file listed the pistols specifications which are as follows.


Name: Hudson H9

Caliber: 9mm

Length: 7.625″

Width: 1.24