The US Navy is gearing up for the future of warfare, equipping its entire surface fleet with next-generation radars that can identify and track enemy missiles and aircraft in a single system, investing $651 million in aerospace and defense giant Raytheon Missiles & Defense (RMD) in the process.

RMD, part of the global aerospace and defense giant Raytheon Technologies, bagged the multimillion-dollar deal, representing an option of potentially bringing the cumulative value of the deal as high as 3.16 billion dollars.

SPY-6 radar is much more sensitive than its 40-year-old predecessor, says RMD. Its state-of-the-art detection capabilities and more accurate discrimination allow sailors to find and track enemy missiles and fighter jets at greater distances and faster speeds.

With the contract, RMD will integrate the SPY-6(V)4 radar on the first Flight IIA guided missile destroyers in 2026, the first that this hybrid will be installed on a ship.

This most recent upgrade is the second option exercised from a contract for production, hardware, and maintenance, with a value summing up to $3.16 billion over five years.