Nikon Monarch 7i VR Rangefinder

I’ve always had a bit of trouble with binoculars and rangefinders.  It seems that no matter how hard I work at it, the image seen within is never half as stable as I’d like it to be for comfortable and effective glassing: enter the Nikon Monarch 7i VR.  The VR stands for “vibration reduction” and it proves to be an invaluable addition to this unit.

The Monarch is a light (7 oz), compact (3.9″ long) and powerful (8-1000 yards) little product.  The 6x glass is plenty to get a good look, especially with the 7.5 degree field of view.  This petite handheld unit also boasts waterproofing and is powered by a single CR2 battery.  It’s software features include horizontal/angular distance differentiation (up to 89 degree angles), first/furthest distance options and the aforementioned optical vibration reduction technology which is said to reduce shaking by 80%.

I took this rangefinder up to a spot in the hills where I like to shoot longer distances which includes some good target backdrops at increments from 400-900 yards.  This is a great spot for me to really stretch the legs of my .308 bolt gun.  I’ve ranged out targets here before, but it’s been a while and all that’s left are my scribbles in my shooting book.  All of my estimates were within 50 yards of true, but I’ve found at 800+ yards that can make a big difference in trajectory.