This is no surprise that North Korea uses their capability to spy on their citizens to manage their image and population. Having a computer in North Korea is a luxury and a curse. I found it interesting that they mimicked Apple’s design in order to create their own operating system. The BBC article below gives you some analysis of their operating system.

Desiree- Managing Editor of SOFREP

The first in-depth analysis of North Korea’s internal computer operating system has revealed extensive spying tools capable of tracking documents shared offline and deleting suspicious files without permission, according to two German researchers.

The system, Red Star OS, was designed by the notoriously secret state to superficially mimic Apple’s OS X, but hidden extra features allow it to watermark files uploaded to the computer and link them permanently to a user.

The covert tools were discovered by Florian Grunow and Niklaus Schiess, who presented their findings yesterday at the Chaos Communication Congress tech conference in Hamburg.

Mr Grunow and Mr Schiess, from German IT security company ERNW GmbH, spent a month pouring over the code of Red Star OS version 3.0, which was first leaked about a year ago.

The system’s coders “did a pretty good job” of mimicking the basic design and functionality of Apple computers, Mr Grunow told the BBC, but with a twist.

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