The US Air Force secured the future of its iconic B-2 stealth bomber fleet with a $7 billion contract awarded to Northrop Grumman on Thursday, May 2.

This comprehensive agreement goes beyond just upgrades; it signifies a long-term commitment to keeping the Spirit, as the B-2 is known, a critical asset in the Air Force’s arsenal.

The B-2: A Legacy of Stealth and Power

“This contract provides for B-2 enhancements, sustainment, logistics elements including sustaining engineering, software maintenance, and support equipment,” it stated in the contract announcement posting.

The B-2, a marvel of aeronautical engineering, boasts a distinctive flying wing design and a reputation as the world’s first truly stealthy bomber.

Its low-observable technologies make it difficult for enemy radars to detect, allowing it to penetrate even the most sophisticated air defenses.

This invisible predator carries a heavy offensive punch, designed to strike high-value, heavily defended targets with both conventional and nuclear munitions.

With an operational range exceeding 6,000 nautical miles (6,905 miles/9,600 kilometers) and a two-person crew, the B-2 offers unmatched flexibility and reach for long-range strategic missions.