The Norwegian Coast Guard has recently welcomed the KV Bjørnøya (W311), a state-of-the-art Jan Mayen-class offshore patrol vessel (OPV), into its fleet.

This addition represents a crucial enhancement for the force, which has faced increasing demands for its missions while dealing with aging vessels and the cancellation of the Norwegian NH90 helicopter order intended to support larger vessels.

A New Era of Maritime Capability

The Jan Mayen-class OPVs are designed to replace the aging Nordkapp-class ships and assert Oslo’s sovereignty in the challenging waters of the Norwegian Sea.

These meticulously crafted vessels can endure up to eight weeks at sea without replenishment, making them the cornerstone of the Norwegian Coast Guard’s operations within its exclusive economic zone.

The Norwegian Coast Guard, a part of the Norwegian Navy, is responsible for safeguarding Norwegian coastal waters and extending its offshore presence to vast areas in the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic.