I find that people who conceal carry every day for a long period of time go through a certain amount of phases. It almost always starts with carrying a full sized firearm in an uncomfortable way. Then comes the compact or pocket pistol phase. Maybe a wheel gun gets tossed in there for a time. A lot of people tend to work their way back to a duty sized firearm. I took this exact route and have seen a lot of people do the same. When carrying a full sized gun you need a good holster and belt combination. The NSR C4 is a damn good holster. It’s my first appendix style holster and I am certainly becoming a fan of it. The inclusion of the pocket magazine carrier is just icing on the cake.

Carrying the NSR C4

Admittedly it took some time for me to learn how to comfortably carry appendix. There was some adjustment needed here and there, and once I got it adjusted it was good to go. The NSR C4 makes concealing the big Glock 22 easy and comfortable. You aren’t seeing this gun under a normal T-shirt. When it comes to comfort the biggest flaw was when I was driving my car. It wasn’t entirely pleasant, but not painful. In a normal seated position, I didn’t feel any discomfort. I can also easily access the weapon from a sitting position without much difficulty.