As a major component of the U.S Special Operations Command (SOCOM) the SEAL Teams entered to bring the demanding and highly skilled discipline of “combat swimming.”

Early in World War II the Italians and British demonstrated the incredible utility of underwater operations. From there the U.S saw not only the combative value, but also saw the strategic in regards to inshore reconnaissance and beach clearing in support of landing forces.

The name SEAL is actually an acronym standing for: Sea, Air and Land. These small elite teams of men work on our nations most important and secret missions. With nothing less than a global responsibility SEAL Teams are constantly deployed covering all reaches of the planet.

Intelligence operatives, commandos, demolition experts and teachers describe the men who make up the operational arm of Naval Special Warfare.

Now the largest combatant force of swimmers the SEALs have become Legendary in their status. With a training attrition rate as high as 80% SEAL training has become known as the toughest in the world.

To become a Navy SEAL requires incredible amounts of discipline, sacrifice and mental management. With SEAL Instructors standing guard there is no way to fake your way into this community. They accept nothing less than 100% commitment.