The “Capital” in Washington and their tributes come in the form of Special Operations Forces and Intelligence operatives sent abroad to execute a short-sighted foreign policy plan. DC’s own death match, it’s time to put an end to Washington’s version of the Hunger Games. The reaping started under George W Bush and has continued, some could argue more aggressively, under President Obama.

What has been accomplished since 9-11-01 to make the world safer against violent terrorism? Is America in better shape at home and abroad? Has Al Qaeda been defeated? The Taliban? Will ISIS be defeated with business as usual? Good questions to ask yourself and your elected officials.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. It’s time for new solutions and new leadership.

Please read and share the excerpt below. If you’re really motivated, send  The ISIS Solution to your local political representative and let them know that change is coming.

The ISIS Solution

The ISIS Solution

By: Brandon Webb, Jack Murphy, Peter Nealen and the Editors of