Other than the gun control and climate change nonsense, I thought this was the best State of the Union speech Obama has given. He properly identified prevailing trends, problems in the current political process, and made some good proposals for the future. I was also happy to hear his comments on ISIS; he understand that organization, what it is and what it isn’t. I’ve been writing for maybe two years now that ISIS is trying to bait us into a quagmire in the Middle East, and Obama seems to understand that perfectly.

-Jack Murphy, Former Ranger/Green Beret Editor-in-Chief SOFREP

I thought Obama identified some important trends and hit on the major issue that politics as usual needs to change, as people are fed up with the political system in America. This was refreshing.

Obama acknowledged the military, but failed to discuss anything of substance with regards to an active-duty military that is fraying at the edges after 14 years of sustained global combat operations. The military and their families have carried an incredible burden for this country. How are we going to ensure that they are set up for success when they make the transition from active duty to regular citizen? The VA healthcare system is still broken, and this is largely a cultural problem at the VA.

I disagree with the president when it comes to his statement that the U.S. economy is doing great. The U.S. economy is fueled by consumer debt and this needs to change. The average household savings in Japan amounts to $80,000, but in America, most households are in the red. We need to teach our children (and our politicians) how to be more fiscally responsible (don’t spend money on things you can’t afford). Side note: I did like his idea of two years of free community college to students that maintain good grades.

There were also some subtle digs at Trump and his political rhetoric, which were clearly meant to help pave the way for Hillary’s campaign in 2016. This is confusing, as the president also mentioned Americans being fed up with a political system that can be influenced by big money and political dynasties. Last time I checked, the Clintons meet this criteria.

-Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL, Founder SOFREP.com

(Featured image: AP Photo/Susan Walsh)