Have you been trying to do some weight exercises but struggling because your grip is failing you? Perhaps you’ll have to set aside those weights for a moment and work on your grip strength first.

More than just for lifting weights in the gym, grip strength is necessary for our daily activities. Imagine moving your sofa, or vacuuming, or flipping those pancakes with your spatula (yum!), or maybe lifting your baby up, as well as playing golf or tennis or rock climbing, and also badminton— more reason why grip strength is super important.

Now, bring those weights back in, please. An effective weight training for maximum muscle gains also requires, you know it, a good grip. Your bicep curls, your deadlift, hanging leg raises, you won’t be able to perform them well and long enough if your wrists keep on aching, so you either have to do fewer reps, completely stop them, or worse, risk injuring yourself; these are things we want to avoid.

Importance of Strong Grip

Still not convinced?