Former and current military members, including an Ohio National Guard member, stood guard outside of at least one Ohio State University classroom Monday to protect fellow students after the campus went into a lockdown when a Somali-born student went on a car-and-knife attack.

Nearly 100 graduate students, including 10 military members, were about to leave a classroom just before 10 a.m. inside the Fisher College of Business when the campus-wide alert informed students to stay put due to an active-shooter situation.

Initially, many students did not take the announcement seriously until emergency vehicles began racing by the windows. At that time, the military members came together and proceeded to secure the area outside the classroom.

“It was more of putting us in the position that if anybody were to come into the building, we were the first people that they would meet,” Daniel, a sergeant first class with the Ohio Army National Guard, said Tuesday. “We were at least ready to defend our classmates if we had to.”