Here is an item originally ran on Best Defense on May 31, 2016.

It’s right there on your DD214 (the discharge paperwork) — “honorable discharge.” It doesn’t feel like honor — not at all. It feels more like, “good luck out there finding what you’re looking for.”

You’ll never have a relationship like the one with the Army. It’s probably the only thing that won’t quit on you. That’s the sacred duty of other people, to remind you how alone you are. You can only quit or retire from the Army.

What’s more, I was in Special Forces, which is made up of OD-As — that’s as in “A-Teams.” They are unique. They’re difficult to fill and tougher to keep intact. When a member leaves the team, it’s a big deal — same goes for when someone joins the team. It’s such a small club that on the walls of my old team room, on the staircase leading up from our storage hanger to our team room, are the names of every member that’s ever served on the team. Can you do that in your division at GE? I don’t think so.