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Chalks-02 and -03 were touched down with their assaulters already collapsing on Mullah Omar’s walled compound, where they quickly blew a large breach. Chalk-04 with the Falcon and his men had already slammed into the side of a mountain trying to evade ground fire en route to Gecko. Then on short/final they had a rotor strike on the wall of the compound. Chief witnessed the hail of sparks from the strike — no good! The helo then impacted the ground hard tearing off its rear landing gear and bouncing back up into the air.

Consequent to one of the two crashes, the rear ramp sustained damage causing it to become jammed tight in a partially opened configuration.

Falcon: “Yeah, Geo… that was the first time I ever crashlanded twice trying for the same objective.”

Chief immediately called the two flying spares back from their orbit to the south of Gecko to be ready to replace chalk-04.

One-eyed Mullah Muhammad Omar, Osama bin Laden’s Finance Minister.

Inside Chalk-04 the Falcon and his men saw the flash of light emitted by the sparks from the rotor strike and braced for a hard impact. That they certainly got — a teeth-cracking jar was heard as the helo slammed into the ground, tearing off its rear landing gear and locking the escape ramp into a partially-open configuration. Falcon once again rallied his men in the helo to maintain their trajectory.

They felt the helo make a tight loop but it never landed. The flight crew struggled with the ramp but could not get it to budge wider open. A crewman yelled to the Falcon that they had lost both rear landing gear sets, the ramp would not open wider, and the helo was in a shaky hover over the objective.

Falcon called his men to bail out through the rear of the helo. He positioned himself at the rear of the ramp. He saw immediately that the open gap in the ramp was not wide enough for his men to exit with their rucksacks. He pulled their rucks off, stuffed each man out, and passed the rucks behind them. Enemy rounds were punching holes in the sides of the helo and bouncing about menacingly.