The following Op-Ed was written by Fred Galvin (USMC retired).

Generals Mattis and General Petraeus collaborated and published the U.S. Army’s Field Manual 3-24 on counterinsurgency operations (COIN) in 2006; it later became Joint Publication 3-24. The publication contained the lessons the generals learned from nearly 19 years of operations in Afghanistan and 16 years in Iraq.

These prolonged operations, which failed to develop strategic effectiveness in the internal defenses of either nation, sadly resulted in the vast majority of senior Pentagon, Congressional, and defense industry leaders adamantly supporting the status quo, urging that the U.S. continue to stay the course and have our tax dollars and military invested in the Middle East indefinitely.

Petraeus began promoting his work with a speech tour, which included Harvard University, describing his Iraq experiences. Harvard is where Petraeus first met Paula Broadwell while she was a graduate student at Harvard University, a U.S. Army reserve officer, a wife, and a mother of two children. The two would later develop a prolonged extramarital affair as Petraeus valued Broadwell’s offer to write a biography, peculiarly titled, “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.”

Petraeus retired from the Army in July 2011 swiftly accepting an appointment as the Director of the CIA. He was sworn into office by Vice President Joe Biden on 6 September 2011 with his wife of 37 years, Holly Petraeus, by his side. During his 14 months as the CIA Director, Petraeus became the subject of an FBI criminal investigation. The FBI found that the spy director provided unauthorized releases of large amounts of classified national security information and simultaneously had an extramarital affair with Lieutenant Colonel Paula Broadwell beginning in November 2011. (This was during the time in which Broadwell was completing the fatefully titled “All-In” biography on Petraeus.) The FBI investigation uncovered that both Petraeus and Broadwell attempted to avoid the discovery of their crimes by using the same Gmail account to relay messages by leaving draft messages to each other and making calls on burner phones.

The FBI investigation discovered Broadwell’s personal computer to contain over 300 occurrences of classified information. In the fall of 2012, Petraeus denied to FBI investigators having shared classified information with anyone and signed a form upon his resignation from the CIA confirming he had no classified material. Later the FBI seized eight volumes of classified national security information from his home. Petraeus pled guilty to misdemeanor offenses of compromising national security information in a plea bargain, thus avoiding a public trial.

After Petraeus pled guilty to his crimes, he assumed teaching positions with the City University of New York, Harvard University, Yale University, continued to advise the White House, attained board membership at both Optiv, and OneStream, and became partner and Chairman of KKR Global Institute.

General David Petraeus (

In 2005, while then-Lieutenant General James Mattis (call-signs “Chaos” and “Mad-Dog”) commanded the Marine Corps’ Combat Development Command, he began to jointly develop the COIN manual with Petraeus. The COIN or as it was later termed “Petraeus doctrine” focused on winning the “hearts and minds of the population” by employing actions on the battlefield, as Mattis stated, of, “First do no harm.”