Everywhere in the past few weeks, we’ve been inundated with scenes of violence that have spread around the country via the media like wildfire. Protests in Charlottesville, VA, Berkeley, CA and to a lesser extent in Boston has many people lamenting “What is Wrong With Our Country?” People on the fringe of our society got more than their share of publicity recently and their message of hate has had its 15 minutes. In a melting pot such as this Republic, there always has been and always will be the haters, the losers who are bent on destroying the fabric of what has always made this country great. Perfect? No. But great nevertheless. What’s Wrong With America? Nothing. Look to Houston.

Now before everyone jumps all over this to remind me of the myriad of problems that we all still face in this country, no one is denying that or saying that because of a natural disaster that they all magically go away. Far from it, but in times like this is when the people of America put aside their petty differences and work towards lifting a hand toward those in need and giving them a hand up.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey has dropped a ridiculously, scary amount of rain in the Houston area in less than a week. Some areas are reporting up to 50 inches of rainfall. That is more than we receive here in the New England area in an entire year. To put that into perspective for the people that live in the North, if a storm like that hit say Boston or NYC in the winter time, how much snow would it cause? With an average of 10 inches of snow to an inch of rain, you’d be looking at nearly 42 feet of snow. That is the kind of devastation that the area of Texas is dealing with.

The scenes of the flooding were like a train wreck that you couldn’t take your eyes away from on the news. Areas flooded so quickly people were trapped in their homes, on the roads, and in their workplaces. Many people have died, and sadly that number will continue to rise as the rescue workers still have a very tough job to do and eventually many more unfortunate souls will be found. Perhaps the saddest was that of Houston police officer Sergeant Steve Perez, who tragically died just days short of his 61st birthday while trying to get to his duty station.