In a recent series, I wrote about why I thought your favorite sport sucks. Everyone has a right to like or dislike a particular sport or even defend it against someone like me who thinks that aspects of their sport are incredibly boring and lame. When it comes to MMA, I found myself with a stronger opinion, about the sport as a whole, which I wanted to share.

For background, I’ve included the original content from my previous article and elaborated below it.

MMA (UFC/Bellator)

Popular view: These guys are just like boxers but with a worse attitude, right? Too much violence for me.

Reality: Let’s right off the bat address the violence aspect of MMA compared to boxing. MMA fighters do in fact wear smaller 4-ounce gloves. In boxing an athlete is forced to wear larger gloves that protect the hands, which in turn allows the puncher to inflict maximum force against their opponent without injuring their own hands as easily. What does this essentially translate into? Harder punches being thrown!