By now, practically everyone associated with Special Operations Forces have heard of, read, and/or discussed the recent letter from a “concerned Green Beret” that blasted the command climate at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School at Ft. Bragg, NC.

Titled “Careerism, Cronyism, and Malfeasance in SWCS: The End of SF Capability”, the letter went into minute detail about how the command of SWC, is putting undue influence and pressure onto the cadre of the school to push unfit, unqualified Special Forces candidates thru the school’s pipeline to the operational Special Forces groups. The letter was first published on but was sent out thru normal army channels to SF units all over the world.

As many of our readers who are current or former members of the Regiment and SWC, the schoolhouse is always under the microscope. Because the course, the Special Forces Qualification Course is almost like a living document. It changes with the command environment, it will evolve as strategic and tactical situations that the troops face on the evolving battlefield change. But the one thing that no one wants to see is outside influence and eyes on the course from those who aren’t from the community. When outside influences with no knowledge or background in Special Forces come to bear on the training of said force, it usually doesn’t end well.

The author, or authors (rumor has it, it was a recently retired SWC instructor, unconfirmed)… as I suspect there were numerous hands involved in this piece, went into minute detail describing in a 6,300 piece, that officers and senior NCOs have put career advancement ahead of the Regiment’s well-being:

Our Regiment has a cancer, and it is destroying the SF legacy, its capability, and its credibility.

SWCS has devolved into a cesspool of toxic, exploitive, biased and self-serving senior Officers who are bolstered by submissive, sycophantic, and just-as-culpable enlisted leaders. They have doggedly succeeded in two things; furthering their careers, and ensuring that Special Forces more prolific, but dangerously less capable than ever before. Shameless and immodest careerism has, in no uncertain terms, effectively destroyed our ability to assess, train, and prepare students, or to identify those students that pose very real risk to Operational Detachments. I cannot stress how systematic and severe the effects on the force will be if the standards, recently implemented here in the Special Forces Qualification Course, remain in place.

The author name names, specific incidents and other details that… which if any are true, worthy of serious concern and need to be addressed by the command asap. And the purpose here isn’t to decide whether or not they are entirely true.

We’re no longer involved in the pipeline of the SF training and assessment of candidates at SWC. It isn’t for us to decide whether or not these complaints, (and there is a slew of them) are worthy of merit. But the one thing we’ve built in our own experiences is trust. Trust in one another and trust in the process. The instructors have earned that trust and we now have to believe in what they’re telling all of us is a problem.  If this many of the current SF instructors feel this way, then it is a truth in their eyes and reflects a serious problem in the pipeline. And as former instructors at SWC and members of the Regiment, we stand behind what they’re seeing, without casting judgments at anyone or specific incidents. And these issues aren’t new, instructors many times in the past have felt the same way at different times and in different eras.