From the time you joined the U.S. armed forces and solemnly swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, the military has prepared you to fulfill that mission. You are armed with the training, knowledge, skills, and weapons to launch an effective defense against enemy forces.

Aside from defending our nation on the front lines of conflicts around the globe, there are other threats that all Americans and members of the military face today. Unseen forces are overtaking the technological landscape — and their target is you and your family. Active duty military members, veterans, and their families are increasingly being targeted by online scams, predatory ads, and data thieves. And it’s not just these nefarious characters you need to be on guard against. Big tech and data brokers are tracking you and listening to your private conversations to manipulate your thoughts, your actions, and even your votes!

In 2017, the fitness-tracking app Strava released a publicly available “heat map” of user activity, including location data uploaded by military members stationed at military bases in Afghanistan. By unwittingly disclosing usage data to Strava, service members also revealed critical habit patterns to potential attackers. Many other popular personal and IoT devices that you use daily track and report user data, putting you and your family at risk.

Early this year, the DoD confirmed that a 2019 breach of a Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) computer system exposed the personal data of 200,000 service members. In September, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Management disclosed a data breach involving the personal information of approximately 46,000 veterans.

In order to fight back against data theft and tracking, you need an operational plan and a weapon.

Join forces with Winston Privacy to defend yourself against big tech and other online hostiles who take advantage of your military service and steal your personal information for their illicit gain.

Winston Privacy was founded in 2017 by former digital “Ad Man” Richard Stokes after he discovered how digital advertising platforms were collecting the various digital bread crumbs we drop every day into a modern surveillance equivalent of a credit report… and he didn’t like what he saw. “I saw platforms which were stitching together individual users, identifying virtually everything about them and even exposing their locations in real-time,” says Stokes. So he decided to do something about it and down the privacy rabbit hole he went. He emerged with a mission and a comprehensive privacy weapon to complete that mission — Winston.

Winston Privacy

Armed with a Winston Privacy data filter, you can defend yourself and your family from unwanted intruders. Trackers, spies, and hackers gone in just a few minutes. The device sits inline with your router and protects every device on your WiFi — all computers, tablets, phones, and internet-enabled devices. It also has a software component that is updated on an ongoing basis to ensure that your protection is current. This defensive device provides:

  • Traffic analysis: Automatically assigns a privacy risk score to each site, blocking unnecessary connections that pose the greatest threat to your online privacy.

  • Blocklists: Automatically blocks connections to sites known as security threats. It is also equipped with a managed blacklist. You can add customized lists and choose from well-known third-party blocklists, including advanced filters for blocking objectionable sites you don’t want your kids to see.

  • Encrypted DNS: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use DNS lookups to spy on you and generate metadata profiles. Winston automatically encrypts the DNS lookups of all the devices on your network, preventing your ISP from tracking your browsing activity, and protecting your devices from pervasive DNS Rebinding attacks.

  • Distributed Privacy Mesh Network: Optional access to a virtual, distributed private network with no logging. This network scrambles your internet activity with up to 30 anonymous users, making it incredibly difficult to track your IP address to a physical location.

  • Browser Extensions: Modify or block suspicious tracker cookies, protecting your browser history from prying eyes. They also automatically detect and block sophisticated browser fingerprinting techniques, which exploit manufacturing differences between otherwise identical hardware devices to determine who you are, even if you’re blocking cookies, browsing in incognito mode, or using a VPN.

  • Mobile Protection: Winston will soon release a mobile app that will provide protection for your mobile devices no matter where you are.

  • More than a VPN: VPNs are terrific for protecting file-sharing services and unlocking content. But they don’t do privacy very well. Trackers don’t need your IP address to build a profile on you and hit you with ads. And if you’ve used VPNs, you know they tend to be slow. Winston is not. Winston stops the junk (advertising, tracking, and other annoyances), meaning your computer and network have to do less work. Less bloat means faster browsing speeds.

Winston is a U.S. company, headquartered in Chicago, with some members working remotely. Nearly half of the team are military veterans. Chief among their core values is “Extreme Ownership,” based on the book of the same name written by former Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. The Winston Privacy Filter is designed, packaged, sold, and shipped in the U.S. Most important, it is a zero-knowledge platform. Winston was founded on the belief that you have the right to live your life without being watched, packaged, and sold. There is no logging or knowledge of your internet activity by anyone other than you. In fact, their technology is designed specifically so that even they cannot see or decrypt your internet activity.

Effectively defending against any threat — known or unknown — requires strategic planning, operational readiness, and defensive tactics. Winston’s mission is to protect one million people from the dangers of online surveillance and other digital threats. Winston achieves that by helping you fight back against big tech, data tracking, and spying. You can get Winston Privacy for just $99 (free hardware + $9.99/mo, billed annually after 1st year), or with a one-time payment of $299.00.  

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