Authorities are finally releasing some documents regarding the deadliest domestic Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11, and what we’re seeing of in the timeline is heartbreaking, suggesting both poor police training and leadership.

The redacted call record (PDF) begins with the first “shots fired” call at 2:02:54 AM, followed by a flurry of more calls to 911.

save1-620x484It is known in the first minutes that we’re dealing with a murderer with a long gun intent on causing mass casualties. The officer who was providing security at Pulse had briefly engaged the Islamic terrorist, but was ineffective and did not make any hits. It’s not unfair to note had he been effective with his department-issued sidearm, the incident may have been over as soon as 2:03, with a minimal loss of life.

The first police patrol units were on scene within these first few minutes. At 2:08 a team of 5-6 patrol officers armed with patrol rifles broke through a large window and made entry as the terrorist continued shooting victims for at least three more uninterrupted minutes. They do not make any contact with the terrorist.

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Image courtesy of AP