There has been a craze for smaller and smaller rifles. The pistol caliber carbine has exploded in popularity for it’s relatively short length and easy handling. Weapons like the CZ Scorpion and the Sig MPX often start as pistols and quickly become short barreled rifles. Not to mention bullpups are becoming more and more popular. Another concept is the PDW stock. There are now at least  three major companies I know of producing PDW stocks for the AR series of rifles. This can be traced back to the AAC Honey badger. A few of these PDW stocks require the use of specialized BCGs and buffer tubes. Luckily, AR owners are not the only game in town when ti comes to customizing existing platforms. Are you a member of the SCAR master race? Well, Otto Arms has you covered with a SCAR PDW stock.


Otto Arms is a small, American company that is involved in producing aftermarket accessories for the SCAR series of rifles. The SCAR rifles has a very dedicated and loyal following, and typically people who associate themselves with quality. That’s a fancy way of saying they don’t buy crap. So when Aaron and Nikita Ottosen dived into producing goods for the SCAR they couldn’t produce crap. And they don’t. One of their products, the SCAR PDW stock, is what we are looking at today.



The SCAR PDW stock fits both the SCAR 16 or 17 models. The stock is lightweight, at only 14 ounces. It’s made from aluminum and stainless steel, and as far as I can look and see it’s plastic-free. It’s very well made and extremely solid in the hand.


Specs wise the SCAR PDW stock is a,

  • 6 Position Stock
  • Available in standard or extended cheek weld
  • 4 QD points for Sling attachments
  • LOP Closed – 3.6 inches
  • LOP Open – 8.343