For decades, the SIG P226 handguns have been proven in combat. SIG Sauer has just taken the P226 into the next century with an integrated slide-mounted reflex optic, the ROMEO1. SIG is the first company to build the gun and the reflex optic, they were, literally, made for each other.

Designed as SIG’s entrant in the U.S. military trials to replace the M-1911, the P226 is in use by the U.S. Navy SEALs, Federal agents, and many law enforcement agencies including the Texas Rangers, Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Michigan State Police to name a few.

With the ROMEO1 slide-mounted reflex optic, the P226RX has faster sight acquisition on target and the exceptional ergonomics and balance make this full-size pistol easy to handle. If you have never shot a handgun with a reflex optic, you have no idea what a leap forward this is.

The reflex optic allows you to maintain eye focus on the target. With conventional sights, optimum marksmanship requires front sight focus. In a fight, you have to look at the target, requiring you to change focus to see your sights. With a reflex optic like the ROMEO1, you just do what comes naturally and focus on the target. Your eyes will see the dot on the target.

The SIG 226RX is a different kind of gun with new capabilities for a factory gun.
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This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.