The future of news isn’t dim – it’s extremely bright and on an excel spreadsheet. Coverage and news will become metadata for us to digest.

An organization lambasted for its liberal bend – appeared on my newsfeed via conservatives more so than any other news service. This tells me there is value in the institution. The advancements the New York Times has made matter.

They’ve become a sophisticated machine able to adapt and are fairly agile. The election night coverage came with an embedded algorithm to predict the statistical likelihood of a presidential victory which is what I wanted to see. There’s no sway in that reporting. It’s the future of journalism and news as a whole.

Pundits will always be around to analyze and argue facts and figures compared to the people’s gut feelings. But, there is and will be real value in taking information out there and mapping out for others. It’s the best way to receive your information. It’s the hardest to debunk. It’s the easiest to accept. Some sort of revolution is also coming to journalism. It’s not as though journalism will die like some have suggested.