The 380th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron continues to “Hold the Line” at Al Dhafra Air Force Base, United Arab Emirates. In order to achieve that, consistent training, vigilance and teamwork are required to ensure nothing slips by undetected. Although the Defenders of ADAB are trained, equipped and ready to handle whatever threats may come their way, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help from a friend — especially one that walks on four legs.

The handful of Military Working Dogs and their handlers assigned to the 380th ESFS work together to secure the base by working patrols. With a primary interest in explosive detection, MWDs are used to search buildings, vehicles, gates, perimeter fences and more. Additionally, MWDs are capable of chasing down and apprehending suspects on command.

It’s the job of the handler to read an MWD’s change in behavior. Just as people will change their behavior in certain environments or to certain stimuli, trained MWDs associate the smell of specific odors with getting rewarded and anticipate that reward. Handlers have to be on the lookout for those tells.

“Dogs smell differently than humans.” said Staff Sgt. Mckenzie Langan, an MWD handler assigned to the 380th ESFS. “You might smell a cheeseburger, but the dog will smell the meat, the ketchup, cheese, bun — each individual smell. So they are able to distinguish between that one odor they are supposed to find and everything else.”