The Bucha massacre that saw the mass and summary executions of Ukrainian civilians last April was one of the worst human rights violations recorded during the 3-month-old war. Russian forces had been accused of torture by tying the hands of victims to their backs and blindfolding them before being shot in the back of the head. Just a few days ago, a Russian soldier who was deployed to Bucha was tracked down and identified. How do we know he served in Bucha? He spray-painted his Instagram username on the walls of a home in Bucha.

Not that we know anything about crime and how to commit it, but we’re pretty sure that writing your personal information on a large wall while committing war crimes is not the best move to make, especially when your country denies any participation in these killings.

A Russian soldier named Kirill Kryuchkov, allegedly from the 234th Air Assault Regiment of the 76th Air Assault Division (paratrooper division), thought it was a good idea to spray-paint his social media information on a wall while he was on duty in Bucha. Reuters reported a potential username written on the walls of a house, “Wolf_68,” was seen when the killings were happening in the city.

They then tracked this back to Kryuchkov through searches on social media platforms. The Instagram account contained various photos and videos of his fellow soldiers drinking and smoking at an unidentified bar. They were determined to be from the 76th Air Assault Division due to the letter “V” found on their patch and reports from people on the ground as journalists interviewed 90 residents and reviewed videos, photographs, and documents.